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Hey Developers,

Are you looking for an opportunity to promote yourself as a translator on the Roblox platform?

This new topic will provide you with an opportunity to promote your services as a translator on the Roblox platform. Many of you have already started to translate games for other developers and have been looking for an easier to promote your translation services.

If you are interested in offering your translation services, please make sure to follow the instructions on this thread. To sign up for this opportunity, please make sure to privately message the @DevEngagementTeam group on the Developer Forum or send us a tweet using the #RobloxTranslator

Please include the following information:

  • Roblox Username or Group:
  • Language(s) that you/your group can translate:
  • Provide link to Bulletin Board topic

Other information to post under the category Bulletin Board

  • Twitter Handle (optional)
  • Links to games you translated
  • Previous experience translating content
  • Translation Service expectations
  • 2-3 sentence blurb about your translation service. (max 140 char)

We are excited to see how many of you are interested in participating in this opportunity!

Developer Relations Team



Disclaimer: The participants listed here were added to facilitate the search for translators on the Roblox platform. We reserve the right to include and remove users from this list. We’ll update the list daily during the week.

List of Roblox translators:

Username: Neutre
Language: French :fr:
Information: Offering French translation

Username: Ysko
Language: Spanish :flag_es:
Information: Spanish Translation Service

Username: WhoToTrus
Languages: Russian, English, and minor Italian.
Thread with information: [FREE] Russian and English translator

Nickname: Deftlock
Twitter: @Deftlock
Deftlock’s Localization Service (Brazilian Portuguese)
Passionate in making the gaming experience become accessible, organic and human to all nations and cultures around the world. I’m able to adapt myself to most circumstances and needs. :brazil:

Username: CodingLucas
Language(s): Brazilian Portuguese
Information: I am a member of the Steam Translation Server’s Brazilian Portuguese team, and I already have translated games such as Shard Seekers, Meepcity and Roblox Deathrun. Prices are negotiable, and the service is nimble.
Thread: Offering Brazilian Portuguese translation

Group Owner: PeteyK473
Localization Group:
Languages we localize in:

  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • European Portuguese
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Malay

Roblox Username: Master3395
Twitter Handle (optional). Master3395
Links to games you translated. Boardwalk Tycoon
Previous experience translating content.

  • Making sure all content is translated into services, helps the users stay active, and doing so on these sites, i’ve boosted the visit and registration.
  • I believe that any services, that is translated, makes using it easier.
  • That’s why i love translating English into Norwegian.

Roblox Username: @InhxIed
Twitter Handle (optional): N/A
Links to games you translated: N/A
Previous experience translating content: I have translated some parts of Discord’s API from English to Greek before.
2-3 sentences blurb about your translation service: I have lived in Greece for 10 years and can speak Greek very fluently. I’d have no issue translating text from English to Greek.

ROBLOX Username: ChiefDays
Twitter: @ChiefDaysRBLX
Translation Service: English - Italian
Bio & Previous Experience:

  • I speak italian as my motherlanguage.
  • I haven’t done much beside school assignments, however I have several certifications which can certify my fluency in English.
  • I haven’t translated any ROBLOX games yet but being born and raised in Italy, I am fairly confident in my Italian skills.

Roblox Username

  • Wsly

Twitter Handle (optional)

  • @WslyRBLX

Links to games you translated

2-3 sentence blurb about your translation service. (max 140 char)

  • I’ll be happy to work with you to bring your game to Dutch :netherlands: players for a generous rate of R$50 per word. With years of experience on Roblox and having worked on translating Steam (Client + various games metadata) I will make sure to deliver accurate and context-aware translations. Please contact me on Discord Wsly#0001

My username on Roblox is Tor_Laws. I’d like to assist you with translating Roblox into Norwegian. I’m native Norwegian and I speak my language fluently.

Roblox Username: CannonTear
Languages: German ‘Deutsch’
Bulletin Board Link: Translator Opportunity Cannon

Roblox Username. - Aspheric_al
Twitter Handle (optional) . - No twitter account as of yet.
Languages. - Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish
Links to games you translated. - No current Roblox Games
Previous experience translating content. - Offsite translations - Crimax, Discord server Rules, Fiverr freelancer
2-3 sentences blurb about your translation service. (max 140 char) - I am a Native Brazilian, with my native language being Portuguese. I am also Fluent In Spanish and I am a very fast worker.


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