Live data with ModuleScripts

I’m currently making a game where you buy items, that you can later sell or trade with other people. There are a couple of values inside the items (buy price, sell value, rarity, etc.)

My question is: Is it possible to change data inside the items without updating the game (without publishing) with a ModuleScript? (by updating the model with the Module inisde)

I think I’ve seen someone do this, but I can’t find anything like this.

If you need this across servers, you should use DataStores. You could use the MessagingService to push changes quickly; however, those changes will be lost once the last server closes down. Keeping the changes in the DataStore will guarantee that the changes persist.

You can then pull those changes into a ModuleScript to make it easier to manage.

If you’re only concerned about a single server, then you could just change the values in a table on the server (which could exist in a modulescript if you wanted).