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The group name has been changed to Letaverse and LIVONO STUDIO is abandoned for ever.



LIVONO STUDIO is a group about Games, Clothes, Discussion, Studio, Hangout, Cafe & Developing.



[CREATED] Sep 07, 2021

[FIRST CLOTHE] Sep 08, 2021

[FIRST SALE] 9/9/2021


1. Do not Advertise
2. Do not disturb others
3. Do not ask for Robux
4. Do not spam
5. Try to post with correct spelling and grammar
6. Do not scam others
7. Post bug reports with reasons
8. Report if someone is posting something bad
9. Do not scam others
10. Do not post off-topic posts
11. Do not post unwanted links
12. Be respectful
13. Don’t go against the group and its rules
14. Do your job correctly
15. Follow the Roblox Terms of Use
16. Do not break rules
17. Follow the guidelines
18. Do not copy the assets made by the group owner and the community
19. Do not start talking like a message on the group wall
20. Don’t judge the games without a proper reason

NOTE: If you don’t follow the rules then you will get a temporary or permanent ban from the group.

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