LoadAnimation requires the Humanoid object (player.Humanoid) to be a descendant of the game object

Why is this happening?

local MarketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
local GamepassId = 16558561
	print("PLayer added")
	print("Character added")
	if MarketPlaceService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId, GamepassId) then 
		print("Owns Pass")
		local CharacterClone = game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("LightningMan"):Clone()
		CharacterClone.Name = player.Name
		player.Character = CharacterClone
		CharacterClone.Parent = game.Workspace


What exactly is the issue? Is there an issue with the code throwing an error? Or is it unexpected behavior related to loading animations on Humanoids as your title suggests? Either way, I, and others, need a bit more information on what exactly the problem you’re encountering is. Describe, what you’re trying to do (it appears like you’re trying to give players with a certain pass a special character - is this correct?), how you’re trying to do it and what you’ve tried, and if possible provide screenshots or other information that could help us see or replicate the behavior you are seeing. Hopefully we can help find a solution!

You’re trying to Play a animation somewhere but where? It’s nowhere in this script that you’re either Loading the Animation to the Humanoid nor Playing it at all? It must be in another script, play the game and click on the error in the Output then send it again