Loading levels in cause script activity to spike to +20%

Hi, so the levels in my game are models that consist of different objects and such. Some being, the flooring. Now, the floor tiles are mesh parts, and are generated as a grid. There are a lot of these tiles that make up the flooring for each level. When ever I’d select a level to play, my game will hitch for a second and the script activity interestingly enough rises to +20%, which is related to the floor tile problem somehow.

It creates a bit of lag for a split second. I just wondered if there’d be any way to combat this? Thanks!

I assume you don’t have any delays in your code, if you tell your code to load an entire map at once, it’s going to try to do exactly that. If it’s too much to load at once it’ll freeze up your game.

Try adding a delay every x objects loaded.

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I don’t think anything can be done about this and should be done about it.

Games most of the times just need to load, the quicker the better so using delays would just stifle this.

The solution I believe is to hide this momentary lag. I have noticed in games like PolyBattle they hide this by putting an intermission screen while the terrain map is loading. This gives players something to look at while the game is loading like the game tips and such, and the map loading should be momentary enough to ignore, better than Skyrim lol.