Lobby Feedback for my game on design

In my game, I am looking to have a very good lobby so players can wait in it without feeling bored or lack of interest. The problem is how messy things are and with some other people’s feedback, “too open”. The game is pretty simple. You need 3 players to play but the main part I need help on is the lobby. The lobby contains an arcade, parkour, sword arena, and maze.

Im not a very good designer if you didn’t notice that. Also, another question is should I have background music DURING the game? I have music in the lobby but what about in the game? It feels quiet and plain without music but I don’t know.

I have only recently started to edit this game. This game was made in a rush in a very short amount of time but It functions and it has a lot of things that make it playable.


alvinblox did join but no feedback was given. Im struggling to find exact reasons that are specific

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Im pretty sure alvinbloxx joined because of him streaming roblox games right now
and his name is in the description

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yea but he joined my game before the stream but never actually played it. If you look at recently played, my game was the first he joined but he didnt show it or play it which makes me very curious what went wrong.

Either way, Im glad Alvin_Blox joined in the first place just wanted to know the feedback of what I did wrong

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