Local audio settings

Currently, we are able to change the reverb, dropoff distance, etc. of audio with the SoundScape service. However, we are not able to set specific audio setting for seperate clients. This becomes annoying, as we can achieve cool effects such as muffled audio in specific areas and echoed audio in bigger places. I’m not sure if this is achievable in FE, but I’m not resorting to that for a simple polish effect. I’d use this a lot too, as a small audio change makes a big difference to create a lively experience. Since i’m on the topic, it would be nice to hae more effects to play around with on audio (like completely disorting it, for a distant gunshot effect)

Just like lighting, it is possible with FE. Ideally I think these effects would be per-sound

Even with FE, playing sounds still isn’t filtered which is super annoying. If I play a sound in the workspace from one client, it plays for all clients. You have to put the sound in a place not visible to other clients (i.e. PlayerGui/Camera) or delete the sound locally.

That sounds broken. I guess I haven’t noticed because I use the camera anyway

edit: sorry for the pun LOL

It’s not possible to apply any effects other than pitch to audio separately currently. This seems to be a bigger issue than making SoundScape local, as it fixes the same problems. Thank you for pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue: