Local Folder Instance

Problem: You have an instance that you want to be in the game hierarchy, but you don’t want it to replicate down to clients.

Current solution: Place it in a Camera

This is weird and it uses an artifact of ancient roblox replication code that’s been grandfathered in for over a decade. Add a local folder object that doesn’t replicate.

Edit: more info

Generally you do this for things that you need to simulate or interact in some way, but that you don’t need to be replicated. Like I have a part that I use to catch light bounce raycasts which are only calculated on the server so it doesn’t make sense for clients to have it. But those casts include the entire world geometry including terrain and characters and simulated objects, so it’s not reasonable to just use a WorldModel or some other sandboxing solution. I have needed to do this in every game I’ve made for some reason or another, and the only solution is using a camera object which is one of those weird roblox idiosyncrasies