Local script that destroys part

i want to have my script only destroy a part for the client and not for other players but currently my script does nothing and gives no errors

here is my local script located in ServerScriptService:


this script will be disabled by default once working and will be enabled by another script

local scripts dont work in ServerScriptService, place the script in StarterPlayer → StarterPlayerScripts

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Local scripts won’t run there.
Try to put it in StarterGui.

Local Scripts would run only in these places:

Also, you should use WaitForChild, because sometimes that part might hasnt loaded yet.

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LocalScripts do not run here.

Try using RunContext.

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i have changed my script into this and moved it to ReplicatedFIrst



and it now works, ty

Note that you should assign this as a variable. Like -

local SpawnArea = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("SpawnArea")