Local Server for two players first person

Why when I run a Local Server for two players first person, I cannot rotate the player’s camera, but can only walk

I think you should put this in #bug-reports since it fits the topic, though the team test thing isn’t exactly similar to pc mode, it’s more of a mobile + pc combination, just use your mouse to move the camera.

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It looks like the first person camera is in “modal mode”; Try holding down right click when moving your cursor around and it should control the camera until it’s released.

Roblox Studio probably does this when testing with multiple players so you can move your mouse between the two windows if they’re both visible side by side. (Otherwise, you would have to use ALT+TAB just to control the other player in first person.)

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holding the right button doesn’t work

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i am having this issue too, im not sure of the cause and the camera works fine while actually playing, just specifically not in a local server test. occasionally itll randomly fix itself but a majority of the time does not work