Local sound with GUI help

Hello! So today I started to script my obby a little bit. I never thought about doing this until today, which is having a swoosh sound play when the GUI goes down. Then it happens again when it goes back up and everything is teleported.

I’ve been looking around and can’t really seem to figure it out. I’m sure I am just making this too hard for me. I really am not sure how to make it happen haha.

I have tried soundEffects.Swoosh:Play() *soundEffects is just to get the sound effect from the folder.
Anyways! If anyone knows how I can make a sound play with a GUI, it would be appreciated if you could help me out! Have a great day!

I also forgot to say that the local script (Teleport Handler) is the local script for making the GUI animation. The server script is in a part named Door1. What it is? it’s the script for the neon part so when its touched the GUI is triggered and it does the animation, I’m sure that making that a server script might be the problem. If anyone has suggestions for that as well, feel free to tell me!

Here are all the pictures!
(Teleport Handler local script.

Server script that triggers the GUI.

So i don’t think there are problems in your script, try it out in a real game, are there any errors?

That’s right. The code probably should work. If it won’t work in the game, try parenting sounds folder/sound to the sound service.

This worked thanks! Have a good day!