Localization preference

Hello, I was wondering if its possible to make a script where localization will be optional.
There will be a certain UI that will ask if you want the game localized to your language or not.
Can something like that be implemented in Roblox?

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I don’t understand any of this, but if you know what you are doing, you can probably find what you need on these pages:



It appears that to have a piece of text be localized, you need a localization table, so maybe you can have a script that changes the Disabled property to true. If that doesn’t work, you could change the code that localizes text to make it so the language that the text is localized to just English(I’m assuming that would be your “default language”). You could do this by changing a variable that holds the language you localize to. In the LocalizationTable link I provided, at the bottom is an example of a LocalizationTable code.

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