Localization Tool Suite Update

Hey Developers!

After many months of hard work from our team, we are excited to present a series of updates on the localization tools!

Here’s what we got for you:

  1. Give Groups & Group Rolesets Translator Permissions
  2. View Translation Audit History for Each Entry
  3. Add & Delete an Entry from Web Portal
  4. View Game Object Locations for each Source String
  5. Flush Untranslated Auto-scraped Text from Localization Table
  6. Updated Studio Localization Plugin

Apart from these, you may also experience some performance improvements when uploading and downloading your localization tables!

Give Groups & Group Roles Translator Permissions

You can now add entire groups or roles within groups as translators for your game. To do this, go to the Configure Localization page of your game and navigate to the Translators section. From the drop-down, select “Group ID.” Once you enter the Group ID, another drop-down menu will populate with the roles available for that group. Once you have selected the appropriate option, it will populate your translator list with the chosen role (if applicable) and indicate whether your selection is a public or private group.

Note: Be aware that if you have given a public group translator permissions, any member that joins that group may access your tables.

Clear Untranslated Auto-scraped Text from Localization Table

We have added a small feature that will allow you to clear out auto-scraped text from your tables that have no corresponding translations. If you used ATC before turning off Auto-Localize on components in your game (i.e. custom chat), use this feature to flush them all out at once! This feature can be found on the Configure Localization page of your game.


View Translation Audit History for Each Entry

Developers and Translators can now view the translation audit history of any entry in their localization table! The log will contain the username of the translator and the date that the translation was added. This will be viewable on a per-entry basis and can be found under the translation window of each entry.

(Refer to screenshot below)

View Game Object Locations for each Source String

We have now added the ability to view the locations in-game of every source string that has been scraped using the Automatic Text Capture tool. This will be available next to the translation history section at the bottom of each entry.

(Refer to screenshot below)

Add & Delete an Entry from Web Portal

You can now add and delete entries directly from the web portal! To add an entry, click the button located in the left panel. This will allow you to enter in a source string as well as corresponding key, context, and example if necessary. To delete an entry, navigate to the entry you wish to remove and select the delete button from the top right corner. This will open a dialogue that will show you any translations that correspond to that particular entry.

Please note that deleting an entry entails deleting the source string as well as any translations in all languages that may exist for that source.

(Refer to screenshot below)

Updated Studio Localization Plugin

Last but not least, we have also updated the Studio plugin! We have added the ability to upload translations via a CSV file and merge them to the existing cloud table. Previously, the only available option was to overwrite the entire existing table. If you still wish to overwrite the table, we have retained this option and it is located in the plugin under “Advanced.”


All these updates will improve your localization experience! If you haven’t already begun localizing your game, be sure to check out our introduction documentation at https://developer.roblox.com/articles/Introduction-to-Localization-on-Roblox.

Special shoutout to our hardworking team: @yuckybucket, @sugreeva, @ChiefFelix47, @gpf828, @vxulox and more!


Awesome, thanks for listening and helping us spread our games into more countries! I especially like the option of clearing unwanted auto translated snippets from the localisation tables, thanks :slight_smile:


Wow this is awesome! Especially give a translator role!

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Woah! This is really awesome. I hope @PeteyK473 uses it in his team soon :smiley:

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Great! It’s good to see Roblox make the game more international. Even though I don’t use this, it seems like a great update!

It’s really awesome how the translation tools have been improved!

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I see Roblox trying to expand its target audience, which is an interesting concept that has a possibility to shape the future of Roblox. This in general is a move for the better.

Thank you for these features! All very very useful :smile:

This is a great and much appreciated update - these just make the process of translation and translation service groups much simpler to use!

This would be pretty cool though :wink:

Sounds awesome, I will try this out! :slight_smile:

Makes localization so much easier. Would be great if we could add players / group roles for play testing too.

Now we’re talking business. This is a step in the right direction.

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Now this would make managing translations for you game way easier! Thanks alot, now off to manage some translations! :heart:

Many people said this is awesome, so I will be a bit different and say: “This is amazing!”

Excited for Roblox’s international expansion! The update will help spread the game further and expand the player base.

I’m also really excited to see more international developers popping up.

I just did my first localization in french with this new tool and yes it’s really good!

EDIT: There is a problem with this tool. I doesn’t capture the text really well, we need to add some entries manually.

If you are ineterested in localizing your game in french I’m here! Offering French translation


This tool looks amazing, but I can’t use it unfortunately. You still can’t work with unsupported langauges. Adding an unsupported langauge to your game takes a lot of effort just to figure out how to make ru-ru table work. I hope someday Russian will be officially supported by Roblox and we will get a chance to use localization tool suite.

Haven’t translated anything yet but I know when I do changes like this will help a lot. Thanks

As of now, they plan to add support to the localization cloud for translating into any language you want. According to the 2019 roadmap, this feature is aimed to be released this quarter.

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