Localscript doesn't work after being cloned by a Localscript

I want to clone a part and inside of that part is a localscript, which will do something to the part.

I clone the part with a localscript and the script inside of the part is also a localscript.

For more detailed information ask me.

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Local scripts don’t work in parts, they only work if they are a descendant of one of the following:

  • Player’s Backpack
  • Player’s Character
  • Player’s PlayerGUI
  • Player’s PlayerScripts
  • ReplicatedFirst
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The localscript that is cloning the part is inside of a model… and it works

That’s why I sent that as it wasn’t made clear.

What alternatives do I have?


Nevermind I am so sorry, the script that is cloning the part is in playerscripts.

So, what are you actually trying to achieve?

The script cloned cannot be cloned anywhere outside of the player model or player.

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