Lock #bug-report replies to Regular+

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use #bug-reports due to the massive amount of, for the most part, useless bumps, which are (probably) to gain likes.

Most of the replies I see on there are people saying, “I can confirm, this is happening to me,” over and over again, and usually don’t contain any additional information that can be beneficial to the Staff.

I presume (correct me if I’m wrong) that #feature-requests is locked for similar reasons. Most people would probably say “I like/don’t like this idea” repeatedly without actually giving any backup to their reasoning.

I feel that #bug-reports should have the same treatment, again, because all the replies I see are “Yeah, I can confirm.”


It’s not something bad. People are helping Roblox by confirming that the bug still occurs and to x amount of people. With what changing #bug-reports replies to only Regulars would help?


I feel that it’s fine with one person bumping the post to confirm that the bug still exists, but then it seems that there is a whole flood of people that come after the post has been bumped to say generically the same thing minutes later.

Although feel free to tell me otherwise, that’s just my take on it.

Even if people bump the posts, it’s not bad. This also makes the bug more clear to Roblox as users post their logs etc. too.


These replies are considered to be spam, so what’s stopping you from flagging them?

I do appreciate the fact that it can take time for flagged posts to be removed, but if these spam replies were actually causing that much of an issue for engineers, I think the category would have already been locked by now. It’s probably best to let engineers voice concerns from their own perspective rather than speculate on the actual severity of this issue.

Moreover, members in general are still more than capable of supplying useful information regarding bugs. I don’t believe this privilege should be taken from them considering there is still no way to reach TL2. This would just act as an additional gap between the two trust levels, so I could only see this ever happening as a last resort if spam was causing a significant impact.


I have to disagree.

Even if users can’t post to bug reports, having them confirm that there’s an issue is more helpful to the engineers than silence.


Assuming you’re referring to this forum post We continued responding on it, not for the “Likes” but to tell the engineers that it’s not something that one user did in their chrome settings but it’s instead an issue with several users that have done nothing different with there chrome account.

That tells them that It is an active issue to a mass amount of users and it’s worth their time to investigate and fix the bug again.


That’s fair. Honestly, I didn’t take any of it into much consideration when I was making this post. Definitely seems more efficient for it to be open now that I think about it. Thanks for everyone’s input!

In other words, I don’t agree with my own post anymore; I’ll be flagging/requesting removal of it shortly since it doesn’t seem to bring too much discussion if we’re all in agreement…


In a way though I do agree with your post, It does get out of hand sometimes so If the original poster included a Poll or the user reviving the post included a poll that would help it out as well.


I didn’t even know replying to confirm the bug was against the rules until I bumped into this thread, so thank you for bringing this issue to attention, I’ll make sure to provide additional details in the future.

However, bug reports should not be locked to regulars for the many reasons mentioned above, and the original poster of this topic already requested removal of this topic.

Maybe the bug report wizard can add a poll at the bottom of all new bug reports ? With something along the lines of “If you can attest to this problem, please vote on the poll. If you do not have any new information to add, simply vote.”

Something like that, so bug report replies can still be open


“me too” replies that add nothing of value aren’t allowed, just flag them as such and move along.

Honestly I haven’t seen much wrong with how it is currently, I assume for the most part people know not to just leave pointless comments everywhere.

No, I don’t support this. Already we are anxious for bug reports, replies shouldn’t be limited to regulars.

Also some issues are regional based. We can’t expect regulars to be active and proactively report an issue. Members here come as an advantage because they are more in number, which can help confirm if it’s a real bug report or not.

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This is really not bad enough of a problem at the moment to be considered. The value lost would be much greater. The bug report categories are relatively clean parts of the forum usually.