(lock please) New game idea, would you play?

Hey, so I just now thought of a game idea, and this is probably my best one ever. What is everyone’s thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

About game
The game will be called Find, Fix, Flip. Find, Fix, Flip! is a sandbox-ish game where you are based in a junk yard with weekly trash deliveries. Your job is to look through the trash, and find items that will be worth value when repaired.

To earn money, attend a junk auction to sell your items!

The main gameplay would be focused on digging through trash, fixing components, and selling them.

Alternate gameplay
Alternate gameplay would be to buy other AI/peoples trash, remodel it, and sell it for more cash. Your main goal is to earn money, so there will probably be more gameplay when development starts.

Would you play this game?

  • I would live off of this game
  • I would play this game once and a while
  • I would play this game just to try it out
  • I wouldn’t play this game, but i might recommend it to others
  • I wouldn’t play this game, and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone

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I’m just not big on these simulator games. As somebody who clans and developes, I do not get the appeal to them.

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Auction? Now I’m imagining storage wars on Roblox… that would be pretty cool, but probably not what you had in mind.

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I reread the post twice to make sure, but @matiss112233 doesn’t use the word “simulator” once to describe his game idea. But I digress:

First thought whilst reading your game idea: the game title is a mouthful.

Second thought: the game is clearly centered around garbage (literally). Just be sure that it looks like “junk” and not “garbage.” Garbage is dirty, smelly, and generally unappealing; junk, on the other hand, can be used for something. I guess what I’m trying to say is make the garbage element appealing… please.

In the end, it seems like there’s a lot that still needs to be considered about your game. I’m not quite sure how weekly garbage dumps will work, and it’s not clear yet as to how “remodeling” junk will work, nor how doing so would raise the sell value.

Based strictly off only what you have mentioned here, I might play this game just to try it out. Imagining with the best of my ability what this might play like, I think it would be novel, yet I wouldn’t feel like I was approaching a grand ultimate goal in the long run, and eventually feel like the game was too repetitive.

Hope this helped!

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Well, the aspect of collecting, selling, and getting better things to collect and sell quicker is a simulator if you think about it.

Seems like a cool idea, however it’s not fully fleshed out yet such as the setting on the game and most importantly the mechanics how would you actually “Dig out the trash” and “Fix the components”. The fix sounds like crafting which sounds fun.

Here’s a cool game on steam that is very similar to your idea of “digging through trash” and adds on a very interesting scenario of being set in space go check it out. Plus it has the graphics and mechanics to fit it.

However on Roblox I think you can get away with lower quality game considering the amount of simulator games so yeah go for it. For now your premise doesn’t have enough information to judge from which you can develop along the way.

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I also have an idea for it, maybe we can craft something using the materials that we found in the yunk yard.

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Thanks for your opinion!

As of right now, I’m just going to keep this as a normal game and not a simulator.

Also thanks for the opinion!

I sometimes misuse words, sorry if that confused you!

Hi, thanks for the compliments!

I am trying to base my game off of 2 steam games, Junkyard Simulator, and Barn Finders. I will purchase that game and play it, if I like it, I will try to add some mechanics from it too!

I like this idea!

Maybe it could be art?

That could be a different game though! Thanks for the idea.

I don’t think asking developers if they want to play your game will get you the results you are looking for. Developers may play games on Roblox but most of the Roblox audience aren’t developers. I would consider surveying actual players in some fashion to get better results. Though surveying actual players is harder but it’s not impossible. As well, sometimes you have to go by your gut feeling with an idea.

Thank you for the response,

Maybe I explained it wrong, but my survey was intended to see if I should start developing, It would also be nice to see who would play it, but that’s not really what I meant to do.

The question is literally " Would you play this game? "

That’s why I stated about you may get results you may not expect. I would figure out the audience you are trying to target and go from there. I feel like the developer forums are good to find objective answers to these type of questions. Subjective answers are better suited for the player themselves while the objective answers can determine if you have a good overall concept, planned it out, if the game loop is good, etc.

I put “What is everyone’s thoughts?” as the very first paragraph in the post. Maybe you didn’t see that?

My main idea to putting “Would you play this game” is to see who would play it out of interest, not who would stumble upon it and click it. I was also trying to see if I should take this idea, and make it into a full game.

Sorry if this comes out a little rude, I’m in the middle of online class and trying to respond to as many questions as possible.

Sure, maybe art will be more value than the other stuff. But it will be harder to obtain.