"Log in required" Bug

Whenever I try to save something to ROBLOX my client says “Log in required” even though I’m clearly LOGGED IN. I have even tried unlogging and relogging back in and it’s starting to anger me…

Full Error is confidential

Summary: https://www.roblox.com/Login/Negotiate.ashx?suggest=LONGSTRING : HttpSendRequest, err=0x2EFF

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I had this problem, when trying to save my place -_-

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I’ve been getting a problem where studio thinks it’s offline when trying to upload a game. It never goes away and I have to relaunch studio. I can open start page and surf the site just fine. I can’t seem to find a good repro too. :frowning:

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I had to make a new user account on my computer for studio use only and it seems to work. So it’s something user specific :confused:

Not allways Toshir0z, it’s computer/settings.

Well, Now I’m fairly angry because it happened again! I go to patch a bug in one of my games and I can’t even access it because studio doesn’t want to log in for some reason! Well, I was feeling that today was going to be productive but thanks to Mr.Studio Bug it won’t be… Just great.