Logged in members can see the login section

Just a small thing :stuck_out_tongue: Thought I’d bring it to staff attention

What do you mean?
The login buttons dissapere, and ofc you should be able to see the topics when you get in.

Heres what I mean:

and yes i have the dark theme, it is amazing

Have you tried updating your browser or logging out and in?
As i don’t have that.

Yeah it is odd, and yes I have

I might have fixed this issue for Dev-Forum members. Please verify when you can :slight_smile:

Still there, unless I need to sign out and back in to see the update

Did you sign out and in, both on roblox, and on the forum?

I still see it too, but I don’t think this is a huge problem. It appears on the very bottom of the category list and nowhere else.

(@Master3395 This doesn’t really have anything to do with browser version or logging in/out, it’s just configuring the categories in Discourse. It should update on the fly and otherwise a refresh of the page should do the trick, if it were updated.)

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I noticed after refreshing a few times.
I doesn’t really do anything other than being locked.

Did I miss something? I thought members could see the Updates section without being logged in? Why has this changed?

See here:
[LIVE] Upcoming changes to the Developer Forums

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