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Hello, my name is Eeveonic, I been designing logos for 3 years and I want to see feedback on the logos I recently created


On a scale to 1-10 How good are these logos?

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Should I start selling logos like this?

  • Start selling these
  • Do not start selling these

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I need to see if I need improvement or not on the recent logos I created, so if you have feedback please send some!

Thanks for reading.


I think these are great, and I like how each one has a different style that matches the text in the logo. I would definitely start selling that type of style!

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Thanks for your feedback and compliment, I took the time putting effort on this logos, and making them different from each other!

Aren’t you already selling logos? Or did you stop? If yes then you should 100% start selling again as your skills are incredible. :grin:

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I kinda did stop, I closed my old one but open a new one, but it is unknown to most people. And thanks for your compliment!

they look awesome! i love how the text actually has a hint of what exactly what you were creating the logo for was about. just a small suggestion: for logos such as midnight, try to make the text stand out more from the stroke and the background. you can maybe darken the stroke and brighten the text so that it could be more visible.

overall, very impressive work! i would definitely recommend a dev to you if they needed something.

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I would say these are really great designs you should definitely sell them! :grinning:

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Great design! Should start to make collaborations with other devs!

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:open_mouth: wow you are really creative.

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For me, the Pizza Rush logo takes a bit more time to read than the other ones because of how some of the letters are a bit deformed, and the pepperoni on the letters is a bit distracting. Other than that, the logos are great!

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The pizza logo is my favorite. Good job on all of these logos ^^


Thank you, I try my best to put much effort on these!