Logo Thoughts & Opinions

Once again… for the millionth time today… I post… haha nothing wrong with that!

I need thoughts and opinions on my logo



[details=previous work/edits]
First Try:

by the way, I know it’s pretty plain. I just have a hard time finding overlays etc


I really like the art style, it really pops.
However your username is difficult to read, which makes both words difficult to understand.

Granted I’m a little dyslexic.

Perhaps you could change the colour of the pronouncing letters of your name to make them stand out more?


Yeah, but it’s my username soo. :man_shrugging:

By the way, its pronounced m - sammy

No worries.

Love that idea!

The logo includes part of your username, I think that is what they were referring to.

Mhm, but they said it’s difficult to read. Can’t really change my username (except for 1k haha), nor do I want to.

Overall, most people can’t so its totally fine.

Updated with the fixed GFX design.

Looks awesome. What program do you use? I’ve just downloaded a trial of Affinity Designer.

I use photoshop to make the graphics, it’s a bit pricey (I pay $119 a month but you can get photoshop for about 20 USD a month, comes with a variation of programs).

Yup, affinity is offering a 90 day trial. I feel affinity is more for making vectors. I would definitely recommend paint.net if your looking for a free program.

If you have any more questions, feel free to respond or PM me.

Yeah! I love paint.net. I don’t mean to brag but I’m basically a pro at paint.net at this point - I’ve came so far in the 1 - 2 years I’ve been using it.