Lol Game - Update Log

Version 1.4.7 - Update
  • Minor bugfixes

  • New Weekly Map: tko_desertbus
  • Added ingame shop (finally)
  • Added camera effect when player (camera) goes underwater
  • Finished sword animations
  • Sword now has longer attack cooldown
  • Added cosmetics + trails to shop
  • Added credit to @Rufus14 for combat system (Thanks Rufus :D)

Version 1.4.6 - Update

  • Fixed a Bug which caused Duels to Softlock
  • Fixed Bugs Related to BadgeService
  • Make Damage Dealth by Weapons use Humanoid:TakeDamage()
  • Other Minor Bugfixes

  • New Weekly Map: tko_construct
  • Added Changelog & Options (Ingame)
  • New Weekly Map: tko_construct
  • Added Text to Show When a Duel is Ongoing
  • Added "Low Detial Mode" & "Extra LDM" Options for Lower-End Devices
  • Disabled Player Reset as a Failsafe for Escaping Duel Penalty

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