LOLShadowMoonLOL ~ Builder Portfolio [CLOSED]

About Me

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Hiya! I’m LOLShadowMoonLOL OR most commonly known as Ang! I’ve been building on ROBLOX since 2018, and although I do realize that I cannot possibly be ‘Experienced’ with building in such a short amount of time, I’ve been building almost every day to improve my Building Skills and explore different techniques! I now build for my own self-happiness but would like to start “getting out there” & collaborating with many people and hopefully make TONS of new friends on my journey! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:relaxed: I specialize best in: :relaxed:
Futuristic Builds, Housing, Hotels, Cafes, Exteriors, Schools, Dance Studios/Academys, Equestrian Centres, (ECT, I love making maps as well, Lobbies)
However, please do not ask me to build the following:
Vehicles, Low-Poly/Meshes, Gardens (Flowers, Trees, Bushes, Nature).

My Projects

Futuristic Space Shuttle

Low-Poly Themed Stables

Indoor Riding arena

Outdoor Riding arena

Solar Panels (LONG)

Medieval Stone Cottage

Hip Hop Dance Studio

Lockers (Furniture)


:sparkling_heart: I am available for 4-6 hours on the weekend, the times may vary due to my school also continuing on the weekends as well. During the weekdays I can work for 5-10 hours (1-2 hours a day) just as I’ve stated before, these times may vary due to my school ending at late times 5 PM - 7 PM. :sparkling_heart:


:dizzy: All prices vary depending on the build & all prices are negotiable, I’ll only accept them through Group Funds. :dizzy:


You can contact me here on DISCORD :popcorn:Angelina :popcorn:#1288
OR You can contact me here on the Developer Forum!

Hopefully, I didn’t bore you through my PORTFOLIO, have a fang-tastic day! :crazy_face:


Your builds look awesome, but a little too bright! You really need to fix the pricing though. 10R$-100R$ is wayyy too low for someone that is very talented. I recommend changing it to 1k - 10k R$ instead or maybe even higher!!!


Thank you for the feedback, I totally forgot about the lighting since I did change it yesterday, but I’ve only just finished the room, so the lightings a bit off, I’ll change the neon to a bit more higher transparency so it’s less bright!

  • Thank you also for saying that my builds are talented! I like to charge people cheap however like those builds I’d probably sell for around 75 - 100 R$ :crazy_face:

I suggest:

  1. Adding more photos of your builds (if you have any, if not, I suggest building more). Employers need a plethora of examples before they can be very comfortable hiring somebody.
  2. Raising your prices. 75-100 R$ isn’t cheap, it’s nothing. OBC players get 65 R$ in a single day - those builds can easily go for much higher. While I respect your wish to charge very little, it seems unfair that you would get so little for so much work.

Best of luck with the commissions!

Thank you, I do have more builds that I was thinking of adding! I’ll definitely put more to show more of my work, I may decide to change the pricings higher, who knows? :crazy_face:

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You’re building looks good! I really hope you get a commission, You seem like a very cheerful and hardworking person!

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Thank you, I do like having a good laugh often! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Your current project looks awesome, good way of using the neon material.
Pricing is up to you, if you feel comfortable selling your builds around 10-100 R$ that’s fine, although I wouldn’t recommend selling it for such a low price.

I wish you the best of luck in your building career! :smiley:


You have large amount of potential to build some great things, I won’t comment on pricing because that’s totally up to the seller but getting some experience should probably take priority over earning large sums of Robux right now.

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