London City Transport Handbook


London City Transport

The following document is the official handbook of London City Transport


First off, low ranks have no activity requirements. Low ranks have access to anything they have in their department. As a LR you may be a high rank in a department, for example you could be “[LR] Emergency Services (Fire Service, Police, Roadside & more)” and be a HR in Met Police Department. Low ranks have no power over others beside there department if they are a High Rank in it.
More info about department ranks can be found in your department’s handbook.

Middle Ranks

Middle ranks have activity requirements which you can check here. Middle ranks get in-game mod which can be used to kick, warn, pm and more, you can view a full list with saying :cmds in-game. Lastly middle ranks can also rank people in-game by saying: !promote user !demote user !rank user id.

High Ranks

High ranks are the first rank who can rank people on the group page. As a HR you are granted in-game admin. This is also the first rank that can server ban and time ban users. You may check there activity requirements here


A SHR is granted pretty much everything a HR gets but they are granted basic moderation access in the Communication Server. These ranks can also have full power over everyone below them.

Head SHR

Head SHR second to final achievable rank in London City Transport. Head SHR is the first rank that can perm ban people. Head SHR also gets admin on the trello. Head SHR is the main leadership rank in LCT. Head SHR’s manage all group-wide changes and handle all staff reports and activity requirements. Head SHR also can give out strikes to MR+ that are not fulfilling there activity requirements.

Operations Director

This rank is the final achievable rank in London City Transport. It is pretty much the same as Head SHR but has more power over staff.

Final Notes

The Handbook is always a work in progress. Written by chrisfs123.