London Rules [UK]

  1. Abide by the New Life Rule
  • Any suspect being pursued, by law enforcement or any other public agency, shall be considered a new player if they die during that pursuit. - Any criminal charges brought about reasonably before or during that pursuit shall be considered void. - Police officers who attempt to arrest people following their death shall be banned under this rule.
  1. Do not exploit, use lag switch, or glitch

State of West Creek automatically detects many exploits, however any exploiting will result in an immediate permanent ban from the game. Glitching through walls or using third-party software to cheat also fall under this rule.

  1. Do not reset or disconnect while in action

Do not respawn or leave the game in order to avoid combat, while you are in a pursuit or as you are being processed by law enforcement.

  1. Do not spawnkill

Killing people shortly after they have spawned into the game, or have died and have respawned, will result in a ban.

  1. Using alts to cheat moderation

Do not use alts to circumvent bans. They, and all associated accounts, will be permanently banned.

  1. Abusing the game mechanics
  • Obtaining citizenship under false pretences or under more than one account to obtain firearms or to rig elections is permanently bannable. - All law enforcement and other public agencies have access to tools they obtain for free as part of their profession; all command staff and admins have access to what they dispense, and abuse of this power to hand over an unrealistic amount of tools is bannable. - Buying or selling tools or accounts with Robux or real currency is prohibited and will result in a ban from the community.
  1. Playing in a fair and responsible manner
  • State of West Creek is not specifically a role-playing game, however in the context of the game, players are expected to act in a certain manner and Moderators may use their discretion to ban players who do not play fairly. - Using barriers to block entranceways or cars. - Shooting unarmed players or ruining scenes which players create for themselves (e.g. hostage situations) for no reason is frowned upon and in extreme circumstances can result in a ban.
  1. Abide by the Roblox Community Rules

Let’s be a responsible community and abide by the platform’s rules. Use the Roblox report feature to report rule breakers.