London Viewing Party, are you going?


Since I’m hopefully going to the London Viewing Party, I thought it would be interesting to see who else is going and how long they’re staying in London. Answer the polls (if you’re going / are able to).

Are you going to the London Viewing Party?

  • Definitely yes
  • Yes (if invited)
  • No

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How long are you staying in London for?

  • Just the London Viewing party day (Saturday)
  • Friday to Saturday
  • Friday to Sunday
  • Friday to Monday
  • Not going to London Viewing Party

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If you’re going to the London Viewing Party and are staying for multiple days, would you want to meet up with other developers pre / post event?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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I’m 100% going as long as I get invited. I live in London but i’m actually away on holiday that day. So i’m going to be travelling 4 hours there and 4 hours back by train!

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I live in London right now, but even if I got the chance, there’s honestly not much point in going from what I can see. Easier to stay home and watch over the interwebs.


Not going as I have other plans and it’s really disappointing that the viewing party is not even a full day.


I’m not going. Even if invited, simply put because : I work quite a lot (and due to issues in my workplace, had to delay my breaks sort of.) and that it’s just going to be a livestream of RDC us.

So not even going to attend. Not to mention Eurostar isn’t that cheap (yes I live in that country that perfectly fits in a hexagon if ya know whadd-I mean, in case you didn’t get it: France )


I would love to attend, since London is within such close proximity to me, that’s hoping that I get invited to the event obviously.

Is there an age restriction on the event or whatever, since I’m quite a young person?


If you’re under 16, you’ll have to buy a chaperone pass (15 USD) which will get a parent / guardian in to look after you for the viewing party, you will also have to buy the developer pass (25 USD) for yourself.

I believe you also have to be above 13 years old to attend.

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This is at the door or online, also what about accessibility for disabled people?

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Good luck with us getting chaperones!


The venue seems to have a disabled entrance which has no stairs just around the corner from the main entrance.

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I’m actually confused what you’d in the viewing party, mind explaining?

All I know is that you go and you watch a livestream from RDC San Francisco.