Long term project is hiring for people to gain experience!

!Before we start!

Since i do not have funds to hire or pay for incredible experts, i am looking for people who want an opportunity to work in a larger for experience, as well as people who have some experience, but who aren’t completely new or complete veterans.

About me

Hi there! I am coolkidtris, a builder and environment designer. And i am here to set up a team to create a new game that i want to be new, interesting and fun. I want to make this an experience that can be remembered, and i need your help to make that happen.

About the game

The game is going to be an open -world survival game, but with a British 1960s futurism vibe to it. The game is heavily inspired by the game We Happy Few, by Compulsion games. I want it to be new, with a big map and an interesting, intractable and memorable story and design.

Examples of the world style include:


The Team
@coolkidtris- Team leader, environment designer and side-scripter - 30%
@You- Main scripter - 25%
@You- Environment modeler - 10%
@You- Building modeler - 15%
@You- Character modeler - 10%

Main scripter: Requirements

As the main scripter, you don’t require perfect knowledge of lua, but you require some experience. You will be needed to script things such as a dynamic weather system, dynamic and realistic movement, and dynamic combat to name some. You will help me improve on my current scripts, since i’m not the best, and you can help give the game a nice, smooth feel to the player!

Character Modeler: Requirements

As the character modeler, you are required to have a little experience. You will be modeling and rigging the many NPCs that will live and thrive in the world, as well as interact with the player. Contact me for reference.

Building Modeler: Requirements

As the building modeler, you will be required to have a knowledge on how to create realistic and eye-catching realistic buildings. You will be making different types of houses and props to be put in the cities and villages that will inhabit the game. It would be nice if you had a little experience in texturing and PBR, as i am looking to release this game after the PBR update drops.

Environment Modeler: Requirements

As the environment modeler, you will require knowledge on how to create realistic, unique and cool outdoor environment props such as different types of trees, rock formations, grass and bushes. You are expected to once more not be an absolute expert, but a bit of experience would be appreciated.


Oh no, here comes the most asked question and the most dividing answer.
As of right now, to hire a team like this would. to but it bluntly, rob me of all my money at hand, not in Robux but actual money. So, everyone will be payed an absolute percentage that was shown in the team list.

Contact me

Contact me on the DevForum or pop me a friend request on discord: coolkidtris#4582

Hope this message finds you well.


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