Look at this cool thing I just found?

This category is kinda becoming half “Look at this cool thing just I made.” Which I understand, since there’s not really any other category that really fits. Maybe lounge.
I think that this category should be preserved for showing off discoveries of other people’s work. However, we are also all making awesome things ourselves that I know we want to share, so I think there should be another category for “Look at this cool thing I just made,” so that we can show off our stuff to each other without feeling guilty of self endorsement.

Even though I post my creations in lounge, I don’t really think that’s the best place either.

Instead of creating an entirely new category, just remove the “I Just Found” for this category. It will then be “Look at this Cool Thing”
Maybe even change “Thing” to “Creation” to make it sound more professional.

It’s not like this section gets spammed by “look at my place!!” so I’m fine with people promoting their work here, for now.

That’s true. Most of us won’t do that, but it still doesn’t fit the name of the category.

Agreed and fixed.