Looking for +18 Animator

Job Description

I’m looking for an animator with a lot of experience on Roblox to make animations for my games. I’ll order at least 1 animation per week and I hope to keep this going for at least 1 year. I looking for someone who can make different types of animations like simulator pets core animations, sword attacks, elaborate dances and etc.


  • Need to be +18 years old
  • Have a Discord
  • Deliver on agreed time (at least once every week)
  • Must have a portfolio


  • Group Funds, PayPal or other payment provider if I can use it from my country.
  • I prefer to work with someone that has a established price range per asset.


Send me your Discord by DM here. This way I don’t have to guess who you are in the friend request list.

Thanks for reading!

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This should be in #collaboration:portfolios


Sir, this is in the wrong category, theirs a Recruitment category you can put this in.