Looking for a 3D Modeler

Hello we’re Direwolf Studios currently on the lookout for someone who can make good 3D Models with blender, or Cinema 4D!

If you’re one of these people who create 3D Models please do contact us either on Discord, or DevForums.

(This game is a simulator, we just need 2 3D Models created which are buildings)

Discord: Wyzloc#1202
Building Style: Cartoony (Low Quality)

Building 1 Would be a generic building
Building 2 Would be a jetpack building that has engines on the bottom and wings on the sides

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It may help to go into more detail, such as the style you’re looking for. Are you looking for something simple and cartoony, or something realistic and detailed? It really helps since some of us work better with specific styles.

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Thanks for the suggestion, updated the description.

What is the pay?
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I’d suggest using the format.

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