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About Us

Hello, we’re Colonial Domination. We strive to make realistic history paint RP games. We are currently in search of a builder who can assist in finishing our new world map.

About The Job

Parts of the map are already completed, part overlapping/z fighting cannot occur, due to it interrupting the otherwise pleasant visual experience.

We are looking for a builder able to do roughly this kind of detail

Example Coast:

Example Border:

Coasts are more detailed than borders, and borders are more detailed than the interior.


Please note we will ask you to make a small trial model of a country of your choosing to see if you are fit for the job.


We are willing to pay 2-4,000 robux depending on the quality of the build.

Contact Us

You can contact us on Discord by first contacting me (Jees1#5825)



I’m confused, you want a builder recreate the world map? How big should the whole map be?

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Hey. Alot of the map is complete, so you’ll have to finish the map. I will get a screenshot of how big it is and what the progress looks like for you asap.

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Here are the images, @MrFieldThrow:


The map is quite huge, so the price is negotiable. We were not very sure what a good price of this would be. Alot is alerady done, we just need it finished.

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I have sent a friend request!
thirty chars

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