[Looking for a Builder] New Simulator game. Read description

Job Recruitment
Hey, we are InDevox and we are -
Looking for a mid poly or high poly cartooish style builder.
You must be able to work for at least 1 hour a day. You need to be efficient and kind to other members of the team.

The payment will be %
or a small amount of pre-payment before the game is released and a huge sum after the game starts earning and 500 every week.(Currently unavailable)

The game idea shall be discussed in private.
Discord - Ecxotixxz#8764


How do you know the game WILL earn any robux?

I have requested 2 Youtubers to play our game after it has finished developing, one of them has confirmed and I haven’t received any reply form the other as it is been about an hour since I messaged him. I will try contacting more developers in the following days.

That doesn’t answer my question. i’ve asked to how you know it WILL earn anything.


by the title, you saying your for hire, not your hiring someone

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What do you want the builders to build?

A city and a few maps. There is even more, contact me for more info.

Oh, sent you a request Rock564#2666.

Accepted, ask me anything you like. :slight_smile:

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