Looking for a builder to create a bundle of small models[CLOSED]

Hi, so for a possible new project I want to start designing, I’m in need of a bundle of small models for it, the project I want to create is a labyrinth puzzle game based off of something I used to play years back.

I have pictures I can provide for you of each model, nothing is ultra-detailed by any means and each model is relatively small; even the player model itself.


I’m only open to paying in Robux for this, and I’m open to negotiation based on what you think would be fair.


If you’re interested in talking more about this, please hit me up on Discord! I would ask that you do have example work images though, as that’ll help me know if your style looks good for the genre of game that it is. Here’s my Discord tag: Simply_Dev2#9178

Thanks for checking this out :slight_smile:


Can You list some examples models you would like people to make for you?

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