Looking for a builder/modeler for my cafe!

Hi. I am looking for a builder/modeler for my cafe. About the job: You will be in charge of making the whole cafe, modeling the food, and making the training center. The payment is 1282 robux by shirt/gamepass. Thanks for reading.


Maybe raise the price a little. 1 food model at least cost 500 robux and a whole cafe+a train center about 10k robux.


Sorry, I don’t have the money for that. I have been doing commissions and trying to save up but at this current rate it will take me a couple months to get that.

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No worries don’t have to be sorry. You can give the developer percentage too!

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Well, at least now, if nobody applies you’ll know why


sadly this is way too low, no developer with quality work would take that pay.

Discord is: Unique#2978. I have 5 years experience

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