Looking for a builder/modeler! (Full-Time)


Project: Sub ( I haven’t decided on a name yet.) is going to be a survival game… Similiar to Subnautica. You are in the middle of the ocean, you get a starter base and a submarine. There is going to be 3 special needs, hunger, energy, and oxygen. Hunger is for food while you can gain energy from sitting or sleeping. Oxygen is only needed if your base’s oxygen supply doesn’t have power or you are just exploring underwater. People can have the ability to decorate and expand there underwater submarine base. You can also decorate your submarine base but you have limited space.

What makes this so unique?
This is a survival game in which takes place on a post apocalyptic planet which means you will never be stepping on land! Just exploring the ocean! There are going to be a variety of biomes to explore and animals to fight, tame, study, or just eating them. As well as decorating your underwater base for special needs, studying, etc.

The Team

Jupiterc - User Interface Designer
MSDLF - Sound Engineer

About The Job

As a builder/modeler at Splatter Games, you will be creating a variety of ocean biomes. You will also be modeling furniture/items so players can decorate their own submarine and underwater base! We encourage you to work at least 7 hours a week (1 hours each day).

Required Qualifications

  • Modeling for at least 1 year.
  • Had worked on a game (The game can be a cancelled one)
  • Have a compilation of your past work
  • At least 13 years + ( If found younger, you will be reported to discord and Roblox developer forums )

Desired Qualifications

  • Modelinf for 5 + years
  • At least 16 + years old
  • Has built an audience through social media ( YouTube, Tiktok, Twitch, etc.)
  • Can work at least 2 hours + each day.
  • Able to do renders such as GFX


As of now, I can offer you 20+ of the game’s revenue. Later in development, if I see that you are making great progress, you will get tipped here and there. For the 18+ Modelers, we can sign a contract that can guarantee payment through an invest later during development.


You can contact me here on developer forum, discord ( Pocki#6477 ), or via Twitter, @iwinternation .

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


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