Looking for a Builder/Modeler. Small Futuristic/Military themed builds! [Closed for now]

Hi! I’m looking for a builder or modeler, doesn’t matter, just anybody interested in building models for my new game, Military Madness! ( Military Madness - Roblox ) It’s a sandbox tycoon where you can place items down and build a base.

I’m currently looking for mid/late game Droppers and Upgraders. Here’s a few examples.





Note All baseplates for items MUST be a multiple of 3. For example: (X,Y,Z format) (3,1,3), (6,1,9), (Multiple of 3, any number, Multiple of 3) if that makes sense.

I’m not looking for super high quality models, just decent quality.

I normally use this kit when building these items, if interested, try to use these unions to stay consistent with the style: HQ Union Meshes for building - Roblox

Here is the model of the conveyor belt, you’ll need this for some items. Military Madness Conveyor Belt - Roblox

For payment, I will be paying PER item (Around 1k-2k per item, can negotiate)
I’m paying based on time and quality. The Items in the pictures above took me no longer than 30 mins to make, 15 mins on average.

If you’re intrested, please contact me on Discord, @ Vincent#6575.

Thank you for reading!


Hi Guys! I currently have multiple people interested! Feel free to contact me still, however I have a few that i’m interested in already! Thanks!

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