[Looking for a Builder/Scripter Decent pay!]

About Us

Hello, I am a decently known Developer throughout the community of Development. I am looking for one or two lucky people, to help me make an one-of-a-kind game. I can’t say more through here, due to past idea’s stolen. But DM me for more information.

The Team
@You - Professional Builder/Scripter

About The Job

I am looking for a professional builder/scripter that would be able to add lot’s of detail, and be able to finish the job. Rather than just leaving mid-work. You won’t be getting pay till after the work is complete, due to past developers stopping because “They are moving.” or some lame excuse. [More Information about what you will do VIA DM’s.]


I will be paying VIA groupfunds, After the work is complete.
Disclaimer: it will take a minimum of 3 days, to proccess the group funds. I also can show evidence of the robux, but you can’t tell for sure. Due to this horrible thing called “Inspect” which makes it so you can customize anything.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at TormentedSoul#2507
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Have a pleasent Day! :smiley:

He’s not talking about the amount of time to send the funds its the amount of time to input the funds unto the group, if you dont own any sort of group then you wouldnt know, it’s called “Pending robux”

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Not a scam, I dunno what you mean buddy. But if you think it’s a scam. You don’t have to be here. :smile: Have a nice day!

sorry i had a misconception i thought you meant when you send the robux

No, no hehe. Pardon me for the confusion.

What kind of build style are you looking for?

I’d say something Modern or something like that. More Details in DM’s :smiley:

Could you go into a bit of detail as to what we are expected to do, as a Scripter?
Or atleast what you expect us to be able to do…?

There is a 3 day process waiting period. This is not a scam and you are incorrect. :+1:

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Here DM me on Discord TormentedSoul#2507

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