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Site Hera

By Valkyrie


Site Hera is an upcoming site for Valkyrie Inc, a SCPF focused on true innovation, no cashgrab or any sort of milking. We created this foundation to try to push Robox to its limit, impressing and inspiring others to create games that also inspires others.

Currently, we are on a tight budget, so we do not plan to offer a very high pay for this position.

About this job

You'll be tasked to create clothing designs for every division in the foundation, they must look detailed but also blends in well with our site, which heavily studies industrial design as well as matches with Roblox characters.

Here is the list of our divisions:
  • VPF
    Short name for Valkyrie Paramilitary Forces, which is a military that should only appear in situations where VDC cannot handle, like SCP containment. Similar to the MTF in SCPF.
  • VDC
    Similar to the Security Department in SCPF.
  • CNM
    Similar to EnT in SCPF.
  • RMD
    Basically MD and ScD merged into one department
  • ER
    Similar to the DEA in SCPF
  • ISB
    A redacted department, like ISD in SCPF.


  • Able to use drawing programs like Photoshop, Clip Studio, Krita, Corel Painter, Procreate, et cetera
  • Have experience working with SCPFs
  • Know how to draw and shade (obviously)


We are expecting to pay 2k-5k Robux, but this can be negotiated as long as it is not ridiculous and is within our budget.


You can contact me by sending a PM in DevForum, or in Twitter (@va1kio)
You can also contact me by DMing me in Discord, but it is not guaranteed that I'll read it.
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