Looking for a collab for a game/simulator

Hi i am a person and i have been thinking of making a simulator for a while

The Team
Scripter - Me and probably me only
Builder - you and probably you only
UI- possibility if we don’t know UI

No progress only idea which i am not going to share here for stealers ye you know who you are

Professional Low poly builder yes low poly yEs

no example details and i know i am not serious xd

Well the scripts is kinda easy so it really depends on you when we finish

so this is going to be percentages 50/50 if or we are the only developers hopefully you have as much time as you need but if i don’t see you in studio 1 time every day uhm ye i no got to do anything even if you don’t have valid info

Contact Us
must be mature or over 13 maybe
Discord:Idkwhatiamdoinghere#5045 and yes i do not know what i am doing here

Thanks for Raiding

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