Looking for a Concept Artist [USD / Commission Based]


Hello Developers!

We’re working on a special project, looking to shape the future of games on Roblox, and expand on what is possible with the Roblox engine.

An artist to help shape the look and design of our upcoming project. We have a large number of assets that we’re looking to design, and we’re looking for someone who can draw out specific ideas in order for our modelers and the rest of our team to agree on designs!

Our team currently consists of our core team:
CEO & Founder: Dapale [John]
Creative Lead & Founder: BreakfastBananas [Cole]
Head Coder: Cosmoit [Logan]

We’re going to be commissioning more developers in the near future for this project!

We’re looking for well-established artists that can attempt to portray what we describe. We’ll be in close contact with the artist, and provide as much feedback as possible for what we’d like to attempt to produce.

We’d love to see any previous work you’ve been involved in or completed. This commission will require a good amount of attention and time, as there are a LARGE number of assets that we’d like to be drawn.

We’re looking to pay in USD. All payments will be on a commission basis (which will all be determined before any work begins). Payments are available in the forms of:

  • PayPal

Payment rates will be determined before any agreements are made, as many developers have different rates, and we’d like to accompany everyone!

if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me through discord!


What detail are you looking for? Like what type of concept art would you like; feel free to pull one off Google if you’d like.


Here are a few examples :slight_smile:

The art style is just to act as a way to help the modelers make the most realistic interpretation of your concept

Structure Breakdown

A good practice (of course) is to create multiple angles so its easier for the modelers to understand how to create it!

Another design example


sending a friend request on discord, i’m interested in knowing more about this. :slight_smile:


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