Looking for a custom character modeler!

Looking for someone who can model custom characters!

I have recently played the game ‘‘Robot 64’’ and I love the characters so I want to make a game like Robot 64 because I want my game to have unique characters so if you’re able to make some for me please contact me on discord Scimaza#6224

If you are interested please contact me on discord Scimaza#6224

Could you provide some more information regarding this position, such as the way of payment and if you’re looking for a whole team or just one person, even though you’ve said ‘someone’, it’d be hard to make a whole game with 2 people and expect it to be successful. Anyways, I am quite interested but it depends on your budget. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to pay in the game’s profits around 50%

Any backup payment if the game doesn’t make a sufficient amount of Robux?

I have 6 robux but I dont think so sorry

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