Looking for a Developer (HORROR GAME)

Im looking for a scripter and builder

About Me

Hey! im luca (16)
i’m looking for a developer to create a horror game with me, mores will be clarified privately I look forward to working together


I pay the respective Developer 2000 Robux

topic it is supposed to be a round based game in this game you have to run around in a creepy map, then a murder is drawn that runs after the players and the players have to find out who the killer is


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

May I ask what Developer are you looking for?

To add on to what @DevNetCheese, said: What type of horror game is it? Is it a story based game, or a round based game?

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Read the text
I improved it :smiley:

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Please do not make duplicate threads


What kind of developer are you looking for: Builder, Scripter, Animator and UI designer?

scripter and Builder :smiley: -…

I’m just a builder so I’m not the right person for your project since you’re looking for just one person

I am looking for several builders :smiley:

How much each builder will earn separately in their project

every builder is credited with 2000 robux

My discord: Vitim_Dev # 5022 so you can call me and business

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i send a request :D…

What’s your disagreement for me to accept the request

I sent a request under the name Luca D:…

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