Looking for a GFX artist! [CLOSED]

About Me

Hey there! My name is tennisracket112 or some may call me Owen if you wish. I started playing Roblox in early 2017! I have been searching for a Graphics Artist to complete a few commissions for me, if you are interested, read below! :slight_smile:

About The Job

I am looking for an experienced GFX artist to create 1 AD, 1 Group/Discord Logo and an icon for my cafe project with two other friends. (Costellos Cafe) This commission will be expected to be completed within a week or two of ordering. This also a short term job and you will not be expected to work full time.

Payment (negotiable)

Our preferred payment is discord nitro (classic) which will be gifted to your direct messages once the commission has been complete. (or we can email you £5 apple gift card funds) Robux is my least favourable, though still on the table if necessary. USD may be an option - will have to clarify this before commission.

To prevent my worry of yourself scamming, you may send an image of the complete work with a large transparent watermark preventing me from stealing your work (and to know its complete). Once I have paid, you may send me the complete design. It is also recommended you place my username (transparent too) at the side in small print to prevent possible theft of the GFX. This is not an ego-boost lol.

Contact Me!

You can contact me via discord! If you do send me a friend request, reply with your tag so I know which to accept. (Optional)


Time zone - GMT+1/BST
Country - United Kingdom

Enjoy the rest of your day! :slight_smile:

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