Looking for a good Builder! (airplane story game)

Hello im looking for a good builder to help me make an airplane for an airplane story game that i am making!

The Team consist of
@Me - Main Scripter
@Blinx5Star - Lead

About the Job
i am looking for a builder/modeler who can make a plane with an inside! The game is completely done in scripting wise i just need to fix some bugs and fix some UI and it is done i am looking for a modeler to help @Blinx5Star to make a plane!

Payment - we Maybe are going to put in sponsors (i do not expect any robux from this game i am typically making this game for fun) if we do preharps make money or get youtubers play our game i will of course pay all my developers!

we are releasing by christmas or tomorrow this is your LAST chance to sign up just because there is not that much of a good pay should not stop you!

if you want to contact me add me on discord or dev forum any will do
Discord: InterGalactic#5045

Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


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