Looking for a good scripter

About Us
Hi there my name is Architect or Inter and i am looking for a pro scripter

The Team
@o_Guap - Boss
@o_Guap - Environment Design/Builder
@Me - Scripter
@0_vvolf - UI
currently we are the only members!

our game is 90 percent done!

About The Job
we are looking for a pro/good scripter than can atleast build an egg hatching system with it data saved and boost also stored in inventory thats our least you could do our best you could do is some sort of power!

as i said no details we just need to see a portfolio and you can atleast script something i said above don’t be lazy read it

Game is 90% done after 10% that i am gonna tell in dms we are releasing with 10k robux sponsor

The part that you love and i hate we pay you either 15 - 20 percentage of the game Or an option of 15 - 30 USD dollars (paypal) if usd

Contact Us
you can contact my dizzy you have to be 13 years old or atleast mature enough. and must be kind

we might test you on your skills and would be working on a baseplate before we truly trust you we will sign a contract on no free models nor scam if that contract is broken you have to pay robux. if you decide to unfriend me it will be quit rude

anyways thats all hope this was clear enough and thank you for reading!

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