Looking for a grid placement system with increments

Hey peeps! I’ve been looking around for an open-source grid placement system. I’m trying to create something like build a boat’s building system, meaning custom increments between blocks, etc. All the sources I have found have either been not what I need / not modifiable to my liking, or just inefficient overall.

You won’t find no-one open sourced script like this, because it really complicated. I made my own script for this purpoces in 3 months, and I don’t want to share it to anyone else for free. You need learn scripting, trigonometry, and try make this yourself.

And DevHub have 1 rule - don’t ask anyone about writing scripts for yourself. This one looks like breaking this rule.

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It’s not as people publicly share sources on this platform.

Just because you find it complicated, doesn’t mean there aren’t any open-sourced scripts.

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I sayed this, because I tried find open-sourced system like this. But after 3 weeks, I don’t find any. And due to this I start scripting my own.