Looking for a gun scripter

Making a game that requires a couple guns so I am looking for someone who can create very high quality guns, like up there with Arsenal. I already have models made all you need to do is script the guns so that they work. I would need a firing system, reloading, a small gui that shows how many bullets are left, and animations. As well as a dynamic crosshair. Since the models are already made I will pay 300-600 robux per gun, this depends on your experience with guns. I am looking to start the game of with 4 guns. Payment can be paypal also, or if you see potential in the game I could do a percentage of game profits. Which ever method you choose I will pay 25% up front.

best way to contact me is on discord @Turkishfinesse#3130 if you have any other questions or interested. Thank you.

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