Looking for a HTML coder/designer

Hi, I am looking for a HTML coder/designer to make a website design for my new ranking service coming out soon, I am willing to pay some robux in return for a website as well as credit within the project.
Please let me know if you are interested!
Discord: Jake?#1772
11/09/2020: The Job Is Still Open


Just so you know, you can’t add people on Discord with just the tag. You need the name and tag.

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It would be good, If you could have put an estimate pay instead of using the term “some”. Its a vague word,

How can I contact you if you wrote only tag and no name , I wish that discord worked so but it isn’t lol

Assuming this is a joke but if not i am an html programmer
Heres my work Still work in Progress : https://tadiwa1202.github.io/XanzEditsShowCase.io/

I forgot it :man_facepalming: Wooops

Updated discord because < makes it disappear, sorry.

Sent a Friend Request, will provide work in DMs!

I have taken a web development course from Johns Hopkins. I am interested.

The Job Is Still Open Please contact me if you are interested!

Hi, Can I get more details? Psst Sent you a DM.

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