Looking for a long-term Scripter(s) for How To Train Your Dragon based game! (EXAMPLES)

The Project

Hello there! I am UpTheLevel, a Novice Developer with big dreams to create a Closed Community style game based on How to Train Your Dragon! The idea for a Closed Community style game is essentially having an RPG version of the game, and a RP/RPG version that is closed to the public and must be applied for. This has shown to often bring very dedicated members to the game, and already has brought some of my friends and other people that are interested to the project! We have many, many ideas, but unfortunately, we cannot make this on our own! That’s where you come in!

If you wish to see more information about the project and what is planned, you can join our discord for all the information regarding our game!

Our Team

Experienced 3D Clothing Designer/Modeller
Experienced 3D Dragon Modeller
Intermediate Animator/Map Maker/GFX Artist
Intermediate Scripter


If you’re a fan of How to Train Your Dragon, then the game should hopefully be a great project for you to take on!

Example of a system already in-game, the flight system!

What To Expect

I’m currently looking for someone to create a semi-advanced combat system for the game, with combat features such as the following:
-A combo system, modifiable for each weapon
-A blocking/parry system
-A heavy attack system, capable of breaking a block unless parried
-A system where weapon trails only appear when attacking
-A clash system if two people heavy at the same time, where a random combination must be completed to break the clash
-A downed/finisher system, where the enemy is only knocked “unconscious” and will automatically awake later on. During this time they can be restrained or revived, but have a very large amount of damage reduction when restrained.

Of course, there will be many more additions to this system, and it may be expanded upon later on to include things such as shields, bows, and more. Having a scripter with plenty of experience in combat would be very helpful in this. Animations & any required models/effects will be provided at request. I love to work with my team on their projects, especially in making the system just as envisioned for the game.


Payment will be through USD on PayPal. The entire combat system would be around $250, whilst any systems afterward may vary depending on complexity, usually $10-40 for small systems or modifications, $40-$200 for larger systems, probably not being anywhere as complex as the combat.

Contact Us

You can contact me through Discord: UpTheLevel#3137


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