Looking for a long term team partner for a space game (programmer)

I am Semaphorism, currently working alone on a space game called Space Arc It’s a project I’ve been working on for a while, only now deciding to start looking for partners.
The game currently has retention issues, which is why I want a team so we can work it out together. I believe the game can succeed if we keep working on it and fixing the issues.

Team structure

Team leader - Semaphorism (and main programmer)
Secondary programmer - to be filled
Dedicated Modeller - @TruthInALie

As of March 4th, TruthInALie has joined on!

About The Job and team

Ideally, this recruiting process will take a long time to find the right, trustworthy people for it. I want passionate game developers who can share a vision and work together as a team.
I still want to lead the game’s ultimate end goal and vision.

I can’t say I’m the best leader, but I want to be a leader for this project and I believe I can make it work.

My goal is to have a team that calls often and works on the project together.


  • A good amount of experience in your field (programming, modelling) with examples of your code or models.
  • 18 or older. (Sorry if you’re under, this could potentially require a legal NDA!)
  • Understanding of modulescripts and object oriented code. (programmer)
  • Prior game design experience.

Good to have:

  • Live in canada (possible dev house in the future?)
  • Intuitive user interface experience
  • Knowledge of how to use gitlab and/or git in general (programmer)
  • How to use NextCloud (both)
  • worked with organized teams before
  • lots of motivation!


I don’t have the funds to directly pay, I want this to be an equal share team, 30% for each, and 10% for advertising, extra contractors when needed, etc.

Can I guarantee this game will work and pay the team later? No. You have to keep this in mind, This is a passion project I’ve been working at for years. I believe if I create a proper team we can make this work.

You can count on a bit of premium payouts, but not much right now.

Contact me

I have a discord Spyro the Dragon#3516, however due to the amount of friend requests I always get, please message me on the devforum with your discord username#discrim so i can add you.

Sending me a resume or a application of some sort would help.


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