Looking for a low poly weapon modeler

I’m looking for a low poly weapon modeler to make weapons for my new game
The game is based around a hexagonal grid (although the weapons don’t have to be hexagonal)
The weapons should feel dynamic and look amazing
There will be standard modern weapons such as rilfes and shotguns, but I also want to have more creative weapons such as elemental themed ones
Weapons in a style similar to Fortnite would work pretty well

Payment is negotiated between us, but if its not an insanely crazy amount, I’m going to accept it because I want you to focus on the weapons you are creating and not on the money/other opportunities
I can pay with a flat fee, % profit until a certain amount, or % profit and through paypal, robux, or bank transfers

I can show you the current game progress, game idea, and give you more information etc privately

My discord is Acreol#6530

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I think it would help people a lot if you could provide a few visual examples of what you’re looking for and the price range you can afford.

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For visual examples just search up Fortnite weapons, theres tons of images out there
For price range, (flat fee only, I’m willing to pay more through the other methods) AS OF RIGHT NOW (this can change through negotiating etc) I would feel uncomfortable paying more than 20k r$ per weapon

I heard you’re looking for low poly weapons, but fortnite’s weapons are pretty packed with small details, which are enhanced with textures and other maps. There’s also a lot of styles for low-poly modeling, and everyone has different views on what can be considered low-poly or not.

In this case, it might help if you could show the potential contractors examples of weapons that feature the style and level of topology detail you’re looking for.


Here’s a forum with tons of reference images that may help:

Ok so after talking with the builder for this game we decided that the best way to show the style is to post some of the machine builds that will be used in the game

We want the weapons to match this theme and to use Roblox materials (no UV map)
I guess this isn’t really fortnite style though


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